Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got Some Things Done

True to my word, I cleaned the bathrooms yesterday.  I will spare you from the pictures.  I also made granola bars.

before baking
I used the recipe from here, and it was a huge hit.  See?

I felt better about feeding my kids (and husband, who ate 3 yesterday) these granola bars, instead of the supermarket ones.  They do not take long to make--in fact, they were ridiculously quick, and I was surprised.  I don't think they are cheaper than the store brand, though.  I looked at her cost analysis at the end of the recipe, and I disagree.  Butter is now $3.00 a pound here, so using half cost $1.50 already.  Plus the honey, which is not cheap, and the other ingredients would definitely make these more than $2.00 a batch.  BUT, they are homemade, and I know what's in them, so I feel better about them.  So I think that's reason enough.  

The sun did come out yesterday, so I did get something done.  Say hello to list item #8--raised beds for the geese. 

Not particularly exciting, I know, but when are raised beds ever exciting?  They're done, and I'm happy. I am still using the leftover lumber from this, so that's why the wood is old.  It's cedar, though, so it'll last, and hey, it was free!

Also did try to get some sewing done.  I was going to make this:

Because I have an apron fetish and it's got cute lines and a kicky flair, but the directions suck, and the yardages are all wrong.  Does that drive anyone else crazy???  Today I think I'll go into town to see if I can find some fabric to use to make it. It's raining cats and dogs, and I can't do anything else anyway (except vaccuum--yes, I remember).  I wound up ironing fabric and aprons yesterday instead of sewing.  It was a bummer.   
Ok, onward and upward.  If it stops raining, I will try to get another list item done.  If not, I will actually sew.  Wouldn't that be something new?

I'll keep you posted! 
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