Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Season of Motion

If autumn is the season of slowing down, and winter the season of sleep, spring is the season of motion.  Everything, all of a sudden, is in a rush, and it's all I can do to keep up.  This weekend has been a busy one so far--lots of doing and going and planting and working.  But it's best told in pictures, I think, so here's the story.


Garlic and awaiting lettuce

Peas planted


Cherry blossoms

Abandoned ship

Tiny crew

All hands ashore!


Pick me up, pick me up, pick me up!!!!!


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In Which We Were All Wrong

We had bets.

We thought Dulci would give us 2.

We thought Dulci would give us 3.

At one point, she was SO gigantic, my son suggested she had 4 in there.

It was a fair guess.
She started labor yesterday in the morning, shown only by the fact that I got my face washed half a hundred times, and she kept yawning.  Otherwise, nothing was really different.  She got serious at about 7 o'clock last night, and the game was on.  Poor thing.

At 8:45ish, she produced a bubble, which popped, and then she stopped pushing altogether.

Nope, that's not good.  Turned out that the little one was in there, all sideways, with his head kinda back, and one arm forward, and one slightly behind.

Kinda like he was doing the sidestroke, instead of the dive.  And there was no way he was going to fit out that little hole.

It took some doing--I had to intercede way too much (in my opinion).  I thought I was going to kill them both.  Best case scenario, I thought the baby would be dead--the bubble had popped, and the baby was stuck for such a long time.  She was making no progress--she pushed very rarely.  I pulled, I rearranged, I tugged, I panicked when none of it seemed to work.  But 45 minutes later, there was a baby.  And Dulci (and the little one) beat all the odds.  Out he finally came, took his first breath, and yelled.
That, my friends, was scary as hell.  Thank goodness they are fighters.  This could have ended VERY, very differently.

But here he is!  Please welcome "Little Stinker", so named because he gave his mama SUCH a hard time and is so big (for her; she's so little).  Yes, he is alive and well, and they both seem to be doing fine today.  I bounced mama last night as soon as I could get her to stand up, and I didn't feel anything, but I stayed with her until I was just exhausted and had to go to bed.  She had still not passed the placenta at that time, nor anything else.  However, when I checked on her this morning at 4:30, she had finally passed the placenta, and she and the baby were sleeping peacefully.  I am happy to say that she has eaten breakfast with an appetite, and he is nursing fine.

And he looks like Stewart, what a shock.  :)

Except he has Orc ears.

Dulci is on a round of antibiotics because of all the finagling I did, and she's so swollen, I just want to cry when I look at her rear end.  But she is alive.  And so is he.  So it's a good end to the story, no?
Welcome, Little Stinker.  Welcome to the big, wide world.

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