Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is Sam.

Sam, like his brothers, is a house cat.  Sam, unlike his brothers, likes to argue that fact by escaping every time someone opens the door.  With spring now arriving, Sam likes to do this all the time, and usually right behind your feet where you can't see him. 

Many times I will be outside working on something when I'll hear Sam complaining from somewhere in the yard.  He's usually looking to go right back in.  I'm not sure why he feels the need to go out in the first place, but there you have it--he's a cat.

Last night, I went out to check on the animals, like I do before I go to bed.  Sam pulled another one of his sneaky disappearing acts and must have gone out the door behind my feet.  I did not see him.  As I wasn't spending any notable amount of time outside, I did not hear him.  Poor Sam.

Seems Sam spent the night under the deck in the rain.  This morning, when my husband got up, he asked me if I knew where all the cats were, because he heard meowing outside the bathroom window.  I did a quick tail count, and it had to be Sam.  I went outside in my nightgown with a flashlight to find him.  Luckily he came to me, because I didn't see him in the dark. 

I brought him back in, and gave him a nice flea bath to welcome him home.

Sam, you are a dope.

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  1. Flea bath is right! I bet he lost a pound or two!


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