Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Things Off the List

Despite running around trying to heal ducks (more on that in another post), I have been able to do my daily chores, and I managed to cross two items off my list yesterday.  Kiss numbers 25 and 26 goodbye.  Thankfully, the rain held off until I was done, and I got to plant with the "assistance" of my little goose friends. 

It felt good planting in the ground again, after not doing so for so long.  I had forgotten how completely relaxing it is to put something in the ground and know that it's there for good.  The little Bayberry sticks I planted yesterday don't look like much of anything now, but they soon will, and they will grow and the little curved line of sticks will turn into a curved line of bushes.  They will fill out and be beautiful and useful.  The candles we make with the wax will smell wonderful in the house.  And that little spruce tree will grow bigger and bigger and maybe one day we can light it like a Christmas tree.  So much to look forward to from just an hour of my time.  I truly can't wait to get out there again.
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