Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting a Handle on It

Spring is finally here.  I can tell, because it's raining (as opposed to snowing). This year is our first full year as a farmstead, which means it's busier than most.  Since the property we live on was never used as a farm before, there is a lot of foundation work to do.  A garden needs to be put in, a hayfield needs to be planted.  Animal housing needs to be finished or begun, and trees and bushes need to be planted.  It's a busy time.  I starting making a "to do" list last night, and I stopped when I hit item #24.  I just got so tired thinking about it.

Does that happen to anyone else?  Instead of motivating yourself by making a list, you just sort of freeze?  I know it had the opposite effect on me than I had intended.  I was hoping that by looking at the list, I would feel invigorated.  Instead I feel overwhelmed and I get nothing done at all.

But I am about to change all of that.  I don't have time to sit and think about all the things I have to do, I have to actually do them, or they won't get done.   So I am issuing a challenge to myself, and calling it the Busy as a Bee Challenge.  I will not waste my days anymore.  I will get at least one thing on my list done every day this month.  In addition, because the things on my list are all about the outside, I will not neglect the inside of my house or my family, either.  To do that, I will do the following:

1.  Clean the bathrooms every Monday
2.  Vacuum every Tuesday 
3.  Make yogurt every Wednesday
3.  Make bread every Friday

Right now, I do these things on a regular basis, but not on a regular day.  I would love to just get it together enough so I know if it's Tuesday, it's time to vacuum.  I have to admit I was inspired by Little House on the Prairie Living, where she is doing a series called "Living Like Little House".  There's no way I think I will ever be as organized as she is (she's got a binder for daily chores), but I can aspire a bit.  There is comfort in knowing what you have ahead in your day, and I want to grab a little piece of that. 

So here it is.  I will do the above things on the days I designated, and at least one item from the list I made every day--no excuses.  When it is raining (like today), if I really can't do anything from my list, I will work on something in the house.  Today I will make granola bars, then I will sew for a while, and then I will finish making that darn list.  I will report back here to keep myself honest---pictures included, so you can all see my progress.  Are you all ready to be my witnesses?  I think I'm going to need you all looking over my shoulder on this one.  Anyone else want to join me?  We can encourage each other. 

Ok, new day, new plan.  Let's get going!
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  1. Wow that sounds like lots of work - but you will be so happy when you are done. I would cut yourself a little slack or you may get over tired. Just a thought!


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