Monday, April 4, 2011

The List

Ok friends, as promised, this is the list of things I need to accomplish this month and next month.  To be fair, I put a line through the things I finished yesterday.  Some things are quick, and some are not, but it's a long list, so get ready.
  1. line waterfowl path with item 4
  2. trim path with stones
  3. hang chairs
  4. barn star
  5. trim goose roost door
  6. roof shingle goose roost
  7. fix goose roost shutters
  8. build raised beds for geese
  9. plant raised beds for geese
  10. putty and sand duck house
  11. add window to duck house
  12. replace door on duck house
  13. add trim to duck house
  14. plant grass and clover
  15. string chicken lines
  16. tarp chicken run
  17. build raised beds for the chickens
  18. plant raised beds for the chickens
  19. attach rabbit gate
  20. finish rabbit hiding places
  21. get Robert A. neutered!!
  22. rototill garden
  23. fence garden
  24. plant garden
  25. plant bayberries
  26. plant White Spruce
  27. plant bulbs in garage
  28. plant bulbs in the house
  29. transplant seedlings
  30. move seedlings to cold frame
  31. plant Pieris
  32. build bee hive
  33. tear up grass in front garden
  34. mulch front garden
  35. plant lilacs, pines, nannyberries, butterfly bushes
  36. plant fruit trees
  37. plant berry bushes
  38. design and cut out mailbox
  39. paint mailbox
  40. design and cut out sign for house
  41. put up sign for house
Anyone else have a list?  Wanna join in and get it done?  Join the Busy as a Bee Challenge!  Grab a button, post your list, and let's get going!

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