Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Raining Outside, So We Can't Go Out and Play

But we did go out a little anyway, because at least it's not snowing.

Why me?

I hadn't noticed how grey the girls had gotten until I saw these pictures.  I could see Oliver was turning white (he's at the top there), but I kept thinking the girls were still sort of brown. 

Huh.  They grow so fast.

Ferdi was very gentle with them.  He was right in the middle of them, but he didn't hiss or get stupid.  He's going to make a good dad someday.  Of course, then Ginger would have to be hatching something other than Easter eggs for that to happen.

Arthur was not so enamored, but he didn't hurt anyone.  Just gave them a little nibble now and again if they got too close.  I guess he wasn't feeling fatherly.

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