Monday, August 30, 2010

Reusing in a big way

Well, you guys know how I am about recycling and reusing.  I save jars.  I save bottles.  I save little pieces of wood.  Hey, you never know, right? Could come in handy somewhere, someday.  But what about big pieces of wood?? 

You know, like this:
That's a LOT of little pieces of wood all put together.  And you know how I am about that.  So, first we take that all apart and make some piles.

Like this:

And this:

And then we put it back together, like this:
Yeah, I did cheat a little here.  You'll notice the bench seat was already made.  But I DID add those sturdy, handy dandy heavy duty legs, so that's got to count for something.

And this:

Use your imagination a little here.  It's the skeleton of a compost bin.  OOOHHHH!!!  Reusing wood and then reusing food inside the reused wood bin!  That's like reusing squared!!!!  Double bonus!

Then, of course, we still have this pile:
It's a big pile.  The kids would like a tree house.  Luckily, though the wood looks like crap, it's actually pretty sturdy and can be reused safely for such a thing.  They were disappointed we didn't build it yesterday, but we're still in the planning stage.  We have no idea how to go about it.  Jeff sees it as a platform, going around the tree, with posts on the ground.  Beanie sees it as a platform in the tree, dependant on the tree to hold it off the ground.  We have no double trees to nest it in.  It's going in a single tree, no matter what.  (Engineer boy, have you got any ideas?  I'd be glad to listen.)

So that's that.  Reusing at it's best.  Can you do better?


  1. I thought I was working on a bridge design?

    I'd have to look at the quality of the wood and the tree you're thinking of. If you remember our tree house in Sound Beach it was half and half with three post holding one end and the tree the other. It was pretty steady. How high off the ground were you thinking?

  2. Did Mom tell you your compost bin is crooked yet? :-)


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