Sunday, September 5, 2010

The "Berry" Beginning

Oh, HA!  I am SO "punny".  Ok, I'm done now.

Got to work on the North Field, as I am going to call it, and started with the berry bush strip.  It's about 3 feet wide by 35 feet long. 
Not a huge strip, but good for now.  There are 11 Raspberries going in it, and 2 Blackberries.  I'd like to add a few more blackberries and a yellow, a black, and a purple raspberry eventually. 

In front, you can see one of the pear trees in place.  We're putting them two by two in that section.  This pear is next to a peach tree.  So far, we have 2 apples, 2 pears, and 1 peach.  I'd like to add a sour cherry, an apricot, and a plum eventually.  Probably in the Spring.  There aren't too many choices in fruit trees right now.

I know you can see my little tiller above there.  It's a good machine.  It had a hell of a lot to deal with.  The ground here all looks like this:
Rocks, rocks, and dirt with rocks.  I pulled out some mama ones.
Of course, Ferdi and Ginger were there to assist.
Yeah, not so much.  Reid was a good helper.  He made the ground "smooth" for me. 

Lorelei started helping and then said "This is boring" and wandered off to look for frogs.


All in all, the field will be 50'X40'.  Not too bad, I think I can get a good yield from it.  The berry patch is not included in the measurement.  The first two feet will be a strip of herbs.  I started planting them today.  The rest will be used for crops.  The mini orchard will be in front, nearer to the road, and behind the field, further towards the next door house, there will be blueberries planted and the beehive will be located behind that planting. 

Not a bad start, in all.  I did get a lot further along than I can show here, but Jeff took the camera away.  He said that I was getting it dirty and dirt isn't good for electronics.  What is that about???

Oh, and did I tell you (I'm thinking no)?  Jeff said it's ok for me to get a rooster (like he had a vote-ha.  Ok, maybe he had a little vote)!!  Woo hoo!!!!  Cock-a-doodle-doo, baby!  I think he fell in love with this guy, like I did.

Tell me that's not the most gorgeous boy you've ever seen!  Yeah, you can't, 'cause he is.   Oh, he's too good looking.  But he's an Old English Game Cockerel, and  I can't have one because they are the fighting kind of rooster and because of that are $200 a piece. 


It's ok, though.  I found a couple of breeds that have roosters that are really good looking, too, so I'll just go with that in the Spring when we increase the flock. 

And let go of my dream.

That I have had for a week. 


I guess I'll live.


  1. Puntastic!

    The field looks great. Jeff doesn't mind giving up all that mowing area?

    My one question on the rooster is: how do you prevent the rooster from fertilizing your chicken eggs and thus make more chickens in place of delicious omlets?

  2. Nope, he wants less area to mow, and I think I can oblige him.

    As to the rooster, you don't prevent him from fertilizing the eggs, you just collect them WAY before they become chicks.


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