Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Give Our Bunnies FULL Names Here

So our friend Robert is doing just fine.  He's been outside a few times to test it out, and he likes the fresh air and the grass.  Reid is taking good care of him, despite the fact that Robert has to eat twice a day.  

But his name isn't Robert anymore.   

Sunday morning, we let Robert out to run in the kitchen for a little while, and when I asked Reid if I could take Robert out for him, this is what happened.

(Me)  "Hey Reid, can I take Robert out to run around a little?"

(Reid) "Yeah, but his name's not Robert."

(Me)  Thinking he changed the bunny's name to Fluffy or Fuzzbottom or Picklepants or something like that  "Oh?"

(Reid) "Yeah, his name is Robert A."

(Me)  "Ok, how come?"

(Reid)  "Because it is.  He's Robert A. Cavataugh."

(Me)  "What's the A stand for?"

(Reid)  "Arthur."

(Me)  "Ok"

So, I present Robert Arthur Cavataugh to you.  We just call him Robert A. around these here parts, but that's because we know him so well.  I think that he must be Robert A. Cavataugh esq., but he and I haven't discussed it yet.  Either way, I'm putting a name plaque on his hutch with his full designation.

Seems only right.

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  1. Firstly, how do you say "Cavataugh"?

    Secondly, where the heck did he pick that one up???


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