Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pile O' Ducks

I've been insanely busy again today.  Cleaning the house, doing laundry, and such.  I also took a trip down to Tractor Supply to buy some Grower/Finisher and chicken grit.  As I was driving, I was formulating plans as to how to present Mr. Responsibunnity to Reid.  I've decided to write a note from his bunny and tape it to the cage.  I'll try to give him the guidelines on how to care for the bunny in an easy way.  It's not too hard, and I think at 7 he can handle it.  Thank goodness bunnies are low maintenance!

I also decided to fence in a yard for the Mr., so Reid can let him out and keep an eye on him without having to worry about chasing him all over creation.  To that end, I bought some bunny-proof (is there really any such thing?) fence, and some posts.  Then I thought about predators.  Poor bunnies.  They are prey to all and predator to none, unless you count a good leaf of lettuce or flake of hay.  I thought I should construct a small "table" for him to hide under, so if he sees a predator, he can dive underneath it and hide.  I'm currently working on it, but it's not difficult.  Finding the right pieces of leftovers to make it with is turning out to be the hardest thing.  I'll probably make more than one, just in case.  I wouldn't want him to be too far from shelter, if he needs it.

I also painted the cold frame I built a couple of weeks ago, and took down the gate to the waterfowl pen and repaired and painted it.  I bought some chain to close it with and some cable to attach it with.  Sometimes left over bits of wire and string just don't cut it.  They've had leftovers for long enough, and none of it lasted.  A couple of bucks worth of material should help set it right.

I am really looking forward to this week.  I hear it should get warmer.  I am looking forward to putting out the goose house and covering it with plywood.  I need them out of their current house so I can fit it out for the ducks.  Melt snow, melt!!

Oh, and I did find time to take these:

What, lady?

Get a load of that leg.  So casual!
Little two week old pile o'ducks.  They were asleep up until I pulled out the camera.  I tried it twice, but no dice, they woke each time.  I guess I can't be trusted.  :)

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  1. I would love to have some ducks and rabbits.They are soo cute. Hope you have a great Wednesday.


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