Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Goose v. Chicken: Egg Match

I know, have I nothing better to do than talk about eggs?  Well yes, I do, but here I am nonetheless.  We ate Ginger's egg last night.  Wow, was it different.  Obviously, it's much bigger, but the white was so thick and viscous.  The shell was just jam-packed with it.  Take a look:

Can you see the outline of the white here?  It's huge and stayed intact, no matter what I did with it.  You could almost feel the weight of it.  And the yoke did not rise above it, like it would in a fresh chicken egg.  That was interesting, too.

Wait, here's a better comparison:

Goose vs. chicken.  You can see the difference in the white color, the size (obviously), and the consistency. 

And what does it taste like?

Well, surprisingly, nothing like chicken.  Or maybe that's not a surprise.  When I whipped it up, it was frothy, almost like whipped cream.  And when I cooked it, it was frothy and dry, nothing like a chicken egg at all.

It tasted extremely light and still full.  There was none of the gumminess of a chicken egg.  I find even the freshest chicken egg is a little rubbery or chewy or something. And chicken eggs are so rich (which I love, so that's not a complaint).  But this was definitely lighter, less rich and more "proteiny", if there is any such thing.  I thought it smelled like Ginger, but when I said that, I was told by Lorelei that Ginger doesn't smell good, so that was gross.  So I stopped saying it.  I don't guess "Eggs that smell like a goose" is a really good sales slogan, anyway.  I'll just leave it at saying that goose eggs don't smell like chicken eggs.  There you go. 

If you know me, ask me for a goose egg sometime.  It is definitely worth a try.  As for us, we got another egg-ala-Ginger yesterday, and I'm going to bake Reid's birthday cake with it.  I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out.  I will let you know!

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