Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Baby, Baby, It's a Wild World

They're here!  They're here!!  After waking up extra early to get things ready, the post office never called at 6 like I thought they would.  They didn't come on the early truck.  I waited until 7, and called them, but no, they hadn't arrived (see how patient I am?  I waited a whole hour).  The possibility was that they would arrive on the 10/11 express, so I had to wait.  I made myself busy-ish, and then at 10:00, jackpot!

I drove down to the post office to get them.  Unfortunately, the delay cost one little guy dearly.

He's in the unmarked one on the left

He was dead on arrival.  I've not had that happen before, but it's always a possibility when you ship animals.  Poor little guy.  He'd been gone a while.  I put him in the "family" plot.  I did call Metzer Farms and tell them (by the way--Metzer Farms is the way to go if you want waterfowl of any type.  I have nothing but good things to say about them--they know their stuff), and they will send me a new little boy with a duck accompaniment on Monday.  For now, there are two little girls and a boy.  Here they are:

Hello, lady!

In case you didn't know (I don't know if I said it before), these are Pilgrim geese.  The two dark fluffed ones are the females.  The lighter fluffed one is the male.  And of course, I am completely smitten.  Who knew there was so much room in a human heart? 

Now, I will admit I have a weakness for geese.  Whereas many people see the "senseless" noise they make and the posturing they do, and their "aggression", and think stupid animals-what's the point, I don't see that.  I can see past the noise, because there's always a reason for it, the posturing is just geese being geese, and it's quite funny if you can see past it, and the aggression?  I know it's there.  Especially now, in mating season.  Yes, it is annoying, but I have never let them get the best of me, and for the most part, not a one of my geese will challenge me.  If they do, I deal with them.  They are always shown that I am the upper hand, not them, and that's a lesson they learn well, and they very rarely repeat the offense.  Smart, yes they are.

Anyway, it is a beautiful day out, and I thought some fresh air ought to do them some good.  They are geese, and they'd be outside with their mama, so out we went.  First I put the ducks out, because I couldn't just leave them inside when there was fresh air and sunshine to be gotten.  I put them in the chick tractor, which is surrounded by wire, so they would be safe.  Good thing I did, too.

Let me in there!  I'm gonna kill them!

Angry goose
Arthur was ticked off with a capital T.  I believe he takes the newcomers hard because he and I are supposed to be in love, and I shouldn't be paying any attention to anyone but him.  Men.  He being riled up, riled up the three amigos, and everyone got mad.  Enough noise and hissing is enough noise and hissing, so I put them in their yard and let the ducks out.  Then I got the goslings.  Woo hoo!

We bonded.  It was wonderful.  There was a bit of beak nipping going on, as the ducks were very eager to put the goslings in their place, but it wasn't too bad.  Waterfowl are pretty easy going about pecking order issues.  Ophelia (the black runner above) was probably the worst.  She was jealous with a capital J.  But Jane, the brown runner, had a slightly different take on them and decided to nursemaid.

"Mama" and her "brood"

I thought that was interesting.  She's young to have a mama instinct, but there it was.

Suzie and Fawn taking a bath in the water bowl
Stealth Duck strikes when you least expect it!!

Gimme the camera!

I said gimme!!
After a good hour of fresh air, we were getting tired, so it was time to go in.


Hope your day is full of fresh air and sunshine too!

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  1. I can't take it anymore, those ducks are too adorable! Appears they bond with you if you spend some time with them!? That's great!


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