Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Doing Kind of Day

It started off rain, but the sun came out and it was beautiful--it was a doing kind of day.  After I ran my errand to Home Depot, I put on my beat up hat

and my trusty boots

And started work on a chicken run expansion, while the ground squished beneath my feet.

And yes, like a good mama, I did enlist slave labor.  Two slaves, to be exact.  What else are mamas for?  I did tell them yesterday that we would all be working on the farm this spring.  I love doing this work, and I can do it myself, but I don't want to.  I want them to help build this life with me, as much as they can.  That way, all our accomplishments are OURS, not just mine.  It means more that way.

Being a benevolent taskmaster, I did allow a break for snacks.

You think they want his crackers??
We let Robert out to explore his soon-to-be yard. 

He did not enjoy it--at first.  But he did relax a little after a while.  We'll try again tomorrow. 
Baby steps, baby steps.

The chickens did not know what to make of Robert.
Got heckled by the peanut gallery.
You're doing it wrong!
And put the soon-to-be goose house up on blocks.  'Cause it looks better that way, don't ya know?

Ok, not really.  We don't have a barn here, so the animals each have their own houses (not each one individually- I group geese with geese, chickens with chickens, ducks with ducks, etc.).  I like deep bedding in them.  Instead of having the bedding blob out the door when it gets deeper and deeper, I had a brainstorm to build them a "basement".  There will be a slight ramp up to the door on the outside and a step down on the inside--until the bedding builds up to be level with the doorframe.  Then it'll be time to clean it out.  Healthier for the animals, less cleaning for me, and it should help make it's own compost.  Bonus!!

We let the little ducks out (not so little anymore) for some fresh air, and cleaned out their box.  I didn't take any pictures-I was busy defending them from the geese, who STILL think they are invaders, and are super offended that I would let the ducks walk on their grass.  Tomorrow I am expecting the Pilgrim geese to come in.  More invaders. They are shipping early, they weren't due until the end of the month.  The hatchery had a good batch, I guess and more hatched then they thought.  We readied the small brooder for their arrival.  

Tomorrow is looking like it's going to be another beautiful day.  Another day of doing.  Yeay for spring! 

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  1. Love your idea for the basement! If and when I get my ducks, can you tell me if it's easy to get them into their pens? Especially for the night-time protection? Millet or something as a lure? Any info would be lovely!


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