Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Befores, The Afters, and Some of the In-Betweens

In the process of enlarging our little farm and taking in more animals, we need to build more housing. There are so many projects on the docket for right now, it's a happy, happy day when one is done.  Today my husband and I finished the goose house.  I had constructed the bones of it in the garage last month.  Then I had to wait for a good paycheck to buy the plywood to sheathe it.  It took a little while, but I finally got it, and he and I worked on cladding the thing today. 

The front.  I think it looks like a bunker or a hunter's hiding spot or something

The back.  Missing a couple of blocks, but we'll fix that
It's solid as it comes.  It's not done completely, as the rafters in the front have to be closed in, it needs roofing, and trimming, and a door (always nice).  But the structure is there and the main parts are all done.

However, it was ugly.  And because I am impatient, and I really wanted to see what it would look like when it was painted, I painted it.

With this:

I'm on a turquoise kick lately.
I had "help".
From Ginger

From Ferdi, who attacks paint no matter where I put it because paint is evil, don't you know. Lucky the color looks good on him.

From random chickens
Then everyone checked it out, because if it's in their yard, they own it, and you never know how badly I may have screwed it up.

Ginger looking in, with a long strand of grass in her mouth, like a dinosaur.  So gauche!

In the end, this is what it looks like.... far.  I've got to "pretty it up" a bit more.  Stay tuned!

Tomorrow I have a duck-centric post planned.  For today, here are some random pictures of gosling cuteness!


Caroline and Maybell

All three
Oh the gratuitous cute-osity!!
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