Monday, October 1, 2012


Yesterday, I sat down to make a list of all of my "to do's" for the fall.  You know, things to get done before it gets too cold.  There are things on there that MUST get done, like cleaning the chicken coop, and things I'd like to get done, like remaking paths, so that I'm not doing them next spring with all the other chores that will inevitably also need to be done right at that time.

I got to item 53 when I stopped, took a breath, and figured I might as well start then as any time.  I enthusiastically began to clean out the goat house and hay the chicken run when I decided to get out the drill and fix one of the feeders. 

The next thing to happen was the feeder bar slid and sliced deeply into my finger.  It didn't even hurt--until I pulled my finger out.

Sparing you the gruesome pictures. 

I don't think I've hurt myself this badly in a while.  I couldn't believe how MUCH it hurt.  And it still hurts!  I hurt myself all the time, I have to admit, but it's usually minor.  This one is bad.

So I'm benchwarming a little.  I am still working a bit, because sitting out is not my style, but to say I've slowed down would be an understatement.  And you should see me type!  Ha!!  Not so good.

Anyway, I will be nursing this injury for a little while and slowing down accordingly.  But you're not going to see me disappear!  I'll just be a lot slower in posting.

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  1. Ouch! Getting hurt never comes at a good time. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
    After reading that you have about 53 things to makes me wonder how many things I have to do...I don't know if I really want to know!!

  2. Oh yuck! Sorry to hear about your pointer! I had a laugh at the 53 things to do... I thought is that all?! ...I know living on a probably have 453 things to NURSE YOUR FINGER GOT BUMPED UP TO #1 !!!


  3. Oh I feel for you! I injured the same finger during the move. Very hard to type and work. How frustrating it must be for you - just as you were getting revved up. Take care - the rest is not as important.

  4. Sweetland--I'd say don't ask. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I made the list. I think I missed a bunch of stuff, too.

    Coffee Pot--You're totally right. I left off a bunch of stuff, and as I walk through the yard, I keep adding. It never ends

    Michaele--The big problem--this weekend 36 chickens are being processed. One handed! Oh boy. That'll be something.

  5. Ouch! I agree with Coffee-Pot: Move nursing your finger to #1 on the list! Everything else can wait (although it's frustrating to look at something and think "Oh, that will only take a minute, I'll just go grab.... oh wait; I suppose it will have to wait a bit..."). Good luck with the chickens this weekend! Can they be put off to next weekend at least?

    Take care of yourself!


  6. Mandi--I wish. They're a week overdue already! I don't want 7 pound behemoths on my hands, and they are getting big!! PS--love the name of your farm!

    1. If I lived closer I'd come help, but alas, we reside on different sides of this vast continent - I'm in British Columbia.
      And thanks, the farm was already named when we bought it a few months ago, and we were given permission to keep the name. (If we had to name it ourselves, my vote would have been for Bugtussle Farm, as Bugtussle is my way of saying "backwoods" or "boonies".)

      Take care,

  7. Oh, nothing worse than a sore finger........when there is so much to do! But as you know there is always so much to do. Take time to mend!


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