Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tor Haz a Soopur Powur!

Heyo Peeple,

'Sme, Tor. 

I is riting to yoo beecus the bad laydee can't tipe wif hur hurt fingr.  So I steeled the majik boks, and now I is riting insted!  Ha!

There is a cool ting I needs to tell yoo.  I haz a soopur powur!  Lemme 'splain.

I is too boored to look at yoo.  DAT'S how boored I am!

I has been boored. 

I is gettin big, rite?  And I is needing things too doo.  I can play in the day, but at nite, bad laydee and bad man not like me too play.  Dey say, "Go too sleep, Tor!". 

Wut???  Nite is the best time too play!

So, I takes matturs intoo my own paws.  I cassyooally casyooaly slowlee walk arownd and nok stuff on the flor. 

Pikchurs?  Bonk!  Gone!

Monee?  Clankclink!  Gone!

Eyedroppers?  Bink!  Gone!

But that makes too much noiz, dey say.  "Stop, Tor!".  That's wut dey say. 

Sheeesh, peeple!  I gots nuffing too doo!

So last nite I lerned a trik.  Yoo nowe I like to clime, rite?  Well, look at me now!

I climed all the way up and den sat up hi.

Den the metal thingy looked yum, so I bited it.
I thaut dat wuz prettee gud, and kinda quyet, but o no!  Bad laydee and bad man yelld at mee!  Dey say "Tor, get down!  'S ten thurtee at nite!  Go too sleep!"
Well, I got a little mad den.

See how mad?  Reellee mad!

'Cuz I not undurstand how comes I can't play.  And I unleeshed my seecret soopur powur!


nyowm nyowm nyowm!!!
I didn't nowe I had lazur eyes even untill last nite!
I is amayzing!!
Unfortoonatly Unforetuneatlee Sadlee, bad laydee and bad man did not melt. 
'Stoo bad.  I finks dat I will need to wurk on my soopur powur a littl bit too mayk it strongur.
Den bad laydee and bad man WILL melt!
Mebbee I will wurk on it laytur, tho.  I is too boored now.


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  1. Wow, Tor, you got big!!! Keep working on your lazur eyes, but remember that bad laydee has thumbs that can work magic on cat food tins and bags (even with her hurt finger), so you might not want her to actually melt away.

    (I am chuckling so loud that I am disrupting my coworkers! Thanks for this!!)


  2. Wow, I literally laughed out loud on this latest of Tor's adventures (not that I don't normally) but this is my favorite yet. Good job Tor, better luck with the laser eyes next time ;)

  3. LMAO! Lovin' that Thor! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Oh, Tor, you know the bad lady and bad man are your staff, and do things for you. Maybe it's not so bad that your lazur eyes didn't make them melt. You should practice on the lesser beings, like the dogs. Maybe they will melt.

  5. Lone Pine-- I keep telling him that, but I don't think he understands the merits of the cat can--until it's dinnertime, that is.

    Eileen and Michaele--If only I could keep him off my computer!!!

    Dirt Lover--You are right. If I know anything, he'd practice on the other two housecats and therefore have less competition for meals.


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