Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well, Surprise!!!!

Allow me to admit how stupid I can be.  I'm not proud.  I am a dope.  Case in point:

Yesterday I came home from work to a rabbit in labor.  Bella was in her cage, amidst a mess of shredded papers and hay, and clearly straining to push something out.  It took me a minute to assess, but I realized--DUH--she was in labor and making no progress.  Yep, I'm a genious. 

I wasn't sure how far along she was, labor-wise, so I carefully picked her up to look at her rear.  And there were feet.  I'll be.  But the feet were the wrong feet (the backs, not the fronts), I knew that right away, and he/she was stuck, and poor Bella, she was having quite a time with him.  So I gently pulled the bunny out.  Field medicine at it's best.

As you can imagine, I think, he was stillborn.  A single.  A big grey guy (he had hair!  Freaky), born breech--too big for Bella, who is 3 1/2 pounds, to handle.  Understandable why he didn't make it.  I kept watch on Bella to make sure she was done, and an hour later, it was obvious she was.  So I left her alone.  This morning, she is her normal self, except--get this--she likes me.  Every time I've approached her in the past, I've gotten the laid-back ears.  Not today.  Today she's my buddy.  Ears up, looking at me without horror in her pink eyes.  It's nice to see.  I guess there's nothing like having someone assist in a difficult labor to make friends.

Why the surprise??  PJB (Philip Johnny Bob's nickname) mated Bella WAY back in the beginning of September.  My husband and I both managed to catch it (and laughed, because that falling over thing bucks do is TOO funny).  I did a quick guess on due dates, and waited.  And nothing.  28 days--nope.  31 days---nope.  35 days---nope.  When the dates passed, I thought, well, whatever happened, it didn't take.  But it did, just not that time.  Yesterday was way past the day, meaning that whatever I saw wasn't the time that worked.  But the next time, it did.  He's been busy, that little stinker. 

Of course, now I'm looking more closely at Ygraine.  She's got a pot belly.  I thought she'd just been eating well--she was so super skinny I've been feeding her up.  She doesn't want PJB anywhere near her, and hasn't for a long time.  I just thought she was old and crochety.  I admit my stupidity.  Yesterday, after the rabbit I didn't think was pregnant gave birth, I looked at Ygraine and noticed that she's really moody.  She's been a bit moody lately, but yesterday, moreso.  Yesterday she didn't want me to touch the sides of her belly, which is new.  This morning she is the same. 

Oh hell.

I put some nesting material in her house, I will cover half with a towel, and I will wait and see.  Maybe there'll be another surprise?  At least I'm watching this time.

But I'm not a total loss, I have learned from this experience.  I have learned:
  1. Rabbits do not exercise restraint when it comes to breeding.  I thought they didn't like one another.  Um, no.
  2. Just because I couldn't get pregnant easily and have lots of stupid issues with it, doesn't mean everyone has the same problems.  I should learn to assume that if a mating took place, there's going to be a baby.  Period.
  3. I need to stop running PJB with the girls and put a fence down their play area.
I will keep you posted on Ygraine, if there's anything to report.  I will tell you that this morning, when PJB walked by Bella's cage, she didn't snort at him.  She looked interested in him again.  Like, "Hey big boy, come here often?" 


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  1. amazing! Who would have thought huh?
    That is mighty interesting... I can only imagine the surprise.
    I wonder if he'd made it if you'd caught her sooner or if he had died already? All sorts of questions running through my mind.
    take care... have a good one. Pat

  2. Better get that buck into his own cage or you'll be overrun as we were five years ago!

  3. Sarah the Girlfriend-in-LawOctober 16, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Bunny bunny bunny bunny... Mwahahahaha!

  4. Hehe what a surprise indeed!!! Busy little bunnies, eh ;) Poor Bella and her misadventure, I hope that Ygraine does better (if she is indeed baking a little bunny bun in that oven of hers).

    Good luck to you as well! Just another adventure at Chicken Scratch :)

  5. So, now you know where the expression "breeds like rabbits" comes from!

  6. Pat--I beat myself over the head with that one plenty of times. I don't think I could have made a difference, but I'll never know.

    Mary Ann--Too true! He's got a cage of his own, it's the outside run they share. Not anymore! I've learned my lesson. Fertile little buggers!

    Sarah--Methinks I will keep one eye on you (and a running head count) whenever you come to visit!

    Mandi--I know, poor Bella. She started nesting last night, I'm not sure what that's about. I'm going to check on them soon.

    Mom--Yes, I do. But it's different to see it in "action". Live and learn.

  7. Rabbits do not exercise restraint when it comes to breeding. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! That should be a bumper sticker or something. :)

  8. Absolutely nothing can top experiential learning. I used to have rabbits, but never bred them. Nice that Bella has decided your a bud.

  9. Wow. Kinda got a chuckle out of this post. Sorry about Bella, but glad she's doing alright.
    I would agree and lock up the buck...bunnies like to keep busy;-)


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