Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meeting the Daddy of My Grand "Kids"

I mean my goatie girls' potential beau.  A Boer buck by the name of Zeus.

I wish I was able to get a picture, but he looks like this:

Picture 230 pounds of muscle and hair, and that's him.  He's quite a guy. 

I went to meet him today, after discussing breeding with my friend Teresa at the feed store.  I've known her quite a while, and I know she's as particular about her goats as I am about mine.  Zeus is one of her two breeding bucks.  The other's name is---get this---Thor.  HA!!  Thor is not available this year, but Zeus is.  He wasn't really interested in me, but that's because I'm not a girl goat.  Right now it's all business with the boys.  "Show me the women!"  That's all they're saying.

He's a huge hunk of man-goat, and I'm sure he'll be a great asset to the herd here at Chicken Scratch.  He'll come to stay for a month in November to be sure he's bred both Min and Lilly.  Dulci will be rooming elsewhere for the time being, so she doesn't get accidentally bred.  She's way too young, and nowhere near big enough.  I think her time will be next year, possibly next fall, instead of the late winter this year.  She is growing well, but not putting on the same poundage at the same rate the other two girls did.  I can compare weights at the same ages, and she's a little behind.  I don't think it will hurt her to wait and let her get bigger.  If I have the two in milk I will be happy.  Three is icing on the cake.

But the other two bananas are about 90 pounds now, in good condition, and about to be CAE tested to be sure all is well.  Then they will have a date with destiny.

And you know what?  I am a nervous wreck.  It's like sending my daughter out on her first date.  If I'm like this with my goats, I can't imagine what I'll be like with my daughter!  Tranquilizers, anyone???

Aye yayeyaye!  I think I need a drink. 

Anywho, I chose a Boer buck because around here Boer-cross are hot commodities.  I am hoping for good selling with the mix.  In addition, if I get a couple of nice sized boys, I can keep one for whethering and then teach him to pull a cart.  Teresa has a pair of Saanens she keeps for that--they are 330 pounds each---HUMONGOUS.  Their names are Bill and Ted, and they do work around the farm.  They are gentle as can be, and if I could have fit them into my jacket (or my car), I would have stolen them immediately.  Luckily, they are too big.  But I am intrigued that a dairy goat can get to that size and do that work, and now I'm thinking that's something I could really use.  We've been tossing around the idea of a donkey (read:  I've been discussing it at my husband, and he looks at me blankly until I stop talking) to do some heavy lifting.  I don't have a donkey.  But I do have goats who have the potential to make other goats.  And maybe I'll get a behemoth to pull stuff around.  That would be so useful!   Hmmmmm......the ideas are percolating.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I'm out now, to try to get some more work done.  Take care, everyone!!!

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  1. Look good. I hope you have great success breeding your goats. And can't wait to see pics of the wee ones when they come. Baby goats or kids are super cute! But then most babies are!
    And pulling goats would be nice, make 'em earn their keep a little!


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