Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Can't Everything....

...grow like Birdhouse gourds?

All I did was ignore them. 

I put them in a new plot, just as a place holder, planted 6 seeds, mulched them once, and never looked at them again.

Go figure.

They are now cleaned, and put into the garage for right now, to start their drying.  When it gets really cold, they'll go into the basement to finish up.

I like birdhouse gourds.  I planted 3 of the big ones and 3 of the small ones.  I got quite a variety.  You know what I like most?  That they tell you what they want to be.

This one says "snowman".  See it?

This one says "ghost".

This one is not talking yet.
Some, though, are just "for pretty".

Isn't that a nice shape?
I look forward to using about 6-8 months. ( he he)

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  1. You certainly got a good harvest! Cant wait to see how you fix them all up!

  2. Never seen those kind of gourds before. They kinda look like a deformed pear!


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