Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nekkid Bunny!

I finished rooing Ygraine the next day.  Would you like to see some "nekkid" bunny pictures?

From the side, and now...from the top.

Tee hee!

She looks like she has a giant head and a tiny body!

I try not to laugh, I truly do.

This is her next to Philip Johnny Bob, hiding in their favorite spot, behind the recycle bin.
He didn't know who she was that day.  But yesterday he had gotten over it.  He was trying to love her all day.  She was having none of it.
I did have to cut her belly wool and the bottom-most fringe, just because it was really messy.

But I did get that nice wool from her top, which I weighed.  I thought all that fiber would be at least an ounce or two, and it wound up being .65 ouces!  I can't even fathom what 10 ounces would look like, then.  The .65 had to be put into a new box, there was way too much of it!  10 ounces is going to be a LOT of fiber.

Live and learn.  I still have to catch Philip, who I think is about ready to give it all up.  His coat is looking very puffy and loose to me lately.  We'll see.  He's not the most-erm- cooperative bunny ever.

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  1. That is so neat. I hadn't realized you were raising wool rabbits with everything else!
    Where have I been? I must have some catching up to do on your farm.
    :) Pat

  2. Those photos are so funny. Really cool! I am just starting a new homestead related link up, and would love you to join. If you get a moment, come by and check it out!

  3. Hahahaha!! Love the nekkid bunny!! Have fun with the fiber! Can't wait to see what it looks like and what you do with it. Did I miss what you do with it?


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