Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rooing the Rabbit

As you might remember, I've been working faithfully on Ygraine's wool since I got her.  I've been trying to make her coat nice, because she was kind of neglected.  Much of her wool has come out of it's own accord, and I thought I was getting a lot.  Nothing prepared me for yesterday, however, when it started to come out by the clump full. 

It started with a mat on her shoulder blades, which I worked out and then pulled off, because it was no longer attached.  Then I saw that wool near it was coming off in droves.  Literally.  With the gentlest tug, I was releasing mounds of beautiful hair.  And Ygraine?  She sat on my lap, ground her teeth together (which I am told by my brother's girlfriend, Sarah, is a happy, happy thing), and stayed super still.  Only when I got to a patch in a delicate area did she move.  Otherwise, she seemed to be in rabbit happy land. 

I got about halfway done.  This is what she looks like now:

There's not much rabbit under there!
I feel like I should put a coat on her.
Ok, I knew that, but it's funny to see how small she is, compared to all her hair.  This afternoon I'll finish her up, but I know I got most of the prime fiber yesterday.

Can't wait to weigh it all!
After she's done, it'll be his highness' turn, Philip Johnny Bob.  He doesn't enjoy sitting still, so that's going to be something!  I'll let you know how it turns out!
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  1. How cool she roos for you! We have one ram that roos completely each spring. He stands nice and still while I pull it all off, and the Hubby is grateful for one less sheep to shear!

  2. I was surprised, I can tell you that. I thought I was in for a regular plucking.

    Is the sheep a Katahdin? I hear they are like that.


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