Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frum Tor Agin

Deer Bad Laydee,

'Smee, Tor.

I wanted to talk to yoo agin abowt those things yoo bring intoo my howse.  Yoo nowe whut I meen.  Theese things.

Thees is new. 
I don't get it.  They wuz egggs, and now they is fuzzee and stinkee.  I not like them.

Dis my dissappprooval disaapprooval unhappee face.
Why yoo not let me eet them?  It wood be ovur quik.  I wood stalk them,

I is stelthee
Then put my fut in there like dis,

Oh no!  The bad man claw gets mee!
 And then SLUURP!

I is demonstraytin demunstrayteen showing yoo.
I wood bite them like dis bocks.  Yum!  All gone.

They bothur me, bad laydee.  They squeek like a toy, but yoo say they is not toys.  Huh?

Dat's all I's gonna say about dat.

But P.S-- Pleeze get rid of dis one, too.

Hee's big and not afraid of me aneemore.  In fact, hee peks my face.  Ouch!  The horrur!

Oh, and I don't think hee shoold wach TV.  It will rot his brayn.



  1. Oh, I am cracking up! Poor Tor. But I'm sure he thinks he is much higher on the evolution chain than that little fuzz ball wearing the sock on his butt!

  2. Deer Bad Laydee,
    You are a hoot!
    From Michaele

  3. Hahahaha!! The cat batting the ducks, love the pics! And the words to follow! Great.
    I gotta say I've never seen a duck in a diaper before! Looks kinda funny!

  4. OMYGOSH... Grey in the diaper... precious! The whole thing was too funny and I am still laughing!

  5. That diaper clad duck is too funny! I think my dogs feel the same way about me bringing chicks inside. :) Great post.


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