Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Grown

I love this.  Going out to the backyard and picking a meal.  We had a fantastic meal on Sunday, straight out of the backyard.  The only things we didn't have are the milk and cheese.  But next year, that'll be a different story!!

Tomatoes from the garden, cooking down to make sauce

Chicken from the backyard.  OH MY GOSH GOOD!!!

Yellow squash with cheese sauce.

Purple potatoes and fingerlings from the garden

And of course, can I forget?  Other things have been grown here, too.

Thor, the wonder cat

Little girl and her little duck

Nearly a third grader

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  1. The food looks great! It's always wonderful to be rewarded with the food we so painstakingly grew/raised!
    Do tell what the cheese sauce is for the summer squash...please

  2. You did well! I am envious of the chicken. I wish I was to that point.
    The kids look happy : )


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