Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soapin' Safari

Ok, no jungles here, but man oh man, have I got soap!

Next month the next town over (my town, kinda) has a harvest festival.  We haven't done a festival or a farmer's market yet, because we're so small (but we're getting there!) and can't afford to pay a lot of big bucks just to participate.  This festival has a very small fee to get a space, and I think it would be a good way to debut our little farm.  I would like to have lots of information about what we do here, some nice produce (depending on what's popping at the time), and soaps and candles, since I can make them and then know that they're on hand.  I've spent pretty much this past month making soaps, working on packaging and descriptions, and I have a way to go yet.  But before I put them all away to be ready for the festival, I thought I'd show you what I've got so far.

Ready?  Buckle up and put on your pith helmet!

Vanilla Oak

Saffron in Honey


Lorelei's Roses--named for my daughter

Antique Beeswax

Sunshine and Chamomile

Rockin' Raspberry Porter--this one is a beer soap
There's also a lavender, but I haven't cut it yet, so no photo.  I have a few more in mind, too, so there will be more pictures to share later.

Yep, I am enjoying this.  It is a great way to just express my artistic soapy side.  It's very relaxing to do, as well.  I hope we do well at the festival.  If not, we will be the CLEANEST family in Ulster County, bar none.

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  1. I know others have asked for a step-by-step, how about a tutorial?.....your soaps are so beautiful and I want to learn, but it seems hard and dangerous....

  2. Yes, your soaps are awesome, and I would love a tutorial. I just discovered hard lotion about a month ago, and made a very small batch. Loved it! Today I made another batch for a gift tomorrow evening. I keep telling myself that's sort of like soap, and that will have to do until I get all my stuff together to make a batch of soap. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. I've been a wannabee soap-maker for twenty years! Maybe when my kids leave the nest... Good luck at the festival! I'm sure people will love it!

  4. You go girl! It is so fun to market this stuff. I still love giving it away best though. Wish I could do that with all of it.


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