Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spudly Redemption

You may not remember last year's potato harvest.  I remember last year.  It was bad. 


A whole bed of tires, full of soil and straw and that was all I had to show for it.
But this year, HA!  Behold my better year!
Yes friends, that's 30 pounds of organic fairly roundish potatoes.  I have no idea what type, since they were basically what I had left over from the farmer's market last year.  They're white, if that helps.  The blue didn't do nearly as well.  I got a total of 3 1/2 pounds from them.  Two meals and they were done.  But these little guys!  Not bad for a 4ftx17ft bed.
What have I learned?  No tires.  Also, potatoes DO NOT grow in straw.  Whoever says that is lying.  The potatoes stopped where the soil stopped.  Had I used more dirt, I think I would have gotten more potatoes.
I did get quite a few of these little guys as well:
Little potato-lings, I guess.  That'll make a nice side dish for a dinner I think.  Now to stick them in the basement, which is the best place I have for curing and storing.  Woo hoo!!

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  1. Nice haul. Just right for eating and storing. Aren't fresh potatoes a world apart from store bought?

  2. What you are calling potato-lings we call "Nuggets"....maybe because we usually grow Yukon Golds. Anyway, I highly recommend tossing them in veggie soup whole this winter....perfect little size for soup!

    Congrats on the better harvest.

  3. I always have bad luck storing my potatoes. My basement is "old-farm-house-chic", meaning it is humid, but cool and full of all sorts of crawly things.
    How do you store yours? Do you put them in something covered? Cool? Warm? Dry? Humid?

  4. Mmmmmm your potatoes look amazing! I'd say you had a nice crop of them for sure! They will be tasty this winter, if they last that long;) (meaning I would eat them right up, we love potatoes!)


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