Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Soap For the Festival--Part 2

Hello again!

I thought I'd show you how the Lime/Pineapple soap came out after cutting and curing a little while.  Here it is:

There's little soda ash on top I've got to get off, but not too bad.  The delineation in the colors came out really well, I forgot to take a picture.

To add to the pack, this is Lavender and Pearls.  It's a lavender soap, swirled and dropped with white, and then topped with some glitter for shine.

Then, because I like to stripe, too, I made a bar of Earl Grey Tea with Lemon.  This one smells fabulous, like Meyer Lemons and a hint of tea.  So nice!

This one was cool before being cut, too.  Wanna see?


This nubbly one is Vanilla Sugar.  The sugar is on the top, which is why it's so bumply.

And last, but not least, a straight-up no fragrance, no color Castille bar.  'Cause you just never know.

And that's the line for the festival.  Now it's time to wrap them up and get them ready to go!

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  1. You would think you had been doing this for years. I am so amazed at you work! Good luck at the festival! etsy store??

  2. I can't believe how you have improved on this soap making!! Hope you make lots of $$$!!


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