Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When I came home

When I came home from Lorelei's class today, I found we had lost a chicken.  I believe she had choked to death on something.  When I found her, she was already cold.  I got a large box and put her in it, and thanked her for all she's done for us.  I stroked her soft feathers and told her I hoped she had a good life, and that she was treated well.  I said goodbye.

I am a little sad about this, I won't lie.  I've lost a good worker and a pretty girl.  I only hope that I did right by her while she was here.

Rest in peace, Hazel.


  1. Very sorry to hear that. Poor Hazel.

  2. Poor Hazel. She had a good life, and lots of "friends" in the hen house. Such a pretty girl, too. Hope the kids are OK.


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