Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

And because they ARE that cute.

We had to move them inside last night, as the temperature dropped, and the two heatlamps were only keeping the brooder up to around 75.  They spent the night in a laundry basket in the sewing room.  They will probably spend the next few days and nights there, as the temp has been around 90 with one heatlamp, and that's much better.  They seem very comfortable.  See for yourself...

They enjoy spending their time sleeping, eating, backing up to poop (which is hilarious), and making as much of a mess with their water that they can.  Not only do they drink from it, but they half sit in it to do so, and they "motorboat" around it with their faces.  They spend A LOT of time at the water cooler!

I was trying to show how small they are, but it's difficult--they don't stay still.  They're not even one handful, and they weigh nothing at all.  This is Pheobe.  She was trying to be patient.  It didn't last.

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