Saturday, February 5, 2011


We are losing the battle, folks.  Though, I guess you could argue that we lost the battle before it even began. 

I have never put much stock in Whole Foods or Stonyfield Farms or the like, to be honest, because, though they were seen to be "leading the charge" on non-GMO's, who really knew what was in the food?  The biggest issue that I can see is that this new mutant-alfalfa is an open-pollinated plant, just like the mutant corn.  The pollen will drift, and we'll have mutant plants everywhere before long--mutant food to feed to our non-mutant animals.  Then what?  You are what you eat. 

I have lots more to say on this, but I'm going to break it to you all slowly instead of hopping up on my soapbox for hours and hours.  In the meantime, plant some seeds.  Grow some of your own food--even a little of it.  All it takes is a little piece of land or a couple of pots on the patio.  Don't have time?  Make friends with someone who does, and does it in a way that's kind to the earth.   If you want meat, find someone who will treat the animals fairly and humanely, not  another CAFO.  If a lot of us do just a little, that'll be a lot in the end.

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