Sunday, February 13, 2011

And the Verdict is....

And his name shall be Emmett.  Daddy picked it, and it sounds like Margaret (sorta), and it's about time we let him name one of the animals, so he says anyway.  Yes, it is a clear "Back to the Future" reference, but let's just forget about that, shall we?  I have sworn him off of making references to the movie, as long as I agreed to name Emmett, Emmett.

Fair's fair, after all.

And how do we know, you ask?  Well, though I trust Mr. Holderread totally, I just HAD to see with my own eyes.  So I flipped Emmett over.  And saw it...and so it Jeff.  In fact, I didn't need to flip Emmett all the way over, because Emmett was SO affronted by being picked up in the first place, he was displaying his "displeasure" for all to see.  I got him up in my arms (no protest so far--they know where their bread is buttered-and by whom), and began to turn him over, and well, there it was.  Not a girl.  And not a happy gander, either. 

Now that I've sexed (sexed meaning identified the sex of) a full grown goose, I'm feeling so brave, I just might sex the rest of them, though I know what they are already.  And then I'll sex any other animal we get through here, too, if need be.  I am unstoppable.

                                     Geezus, I love this life.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.


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