Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, look. It's February.

Welcome, welcome, February.  Thank you for arriving.  January sure took it's sweet time leaving, and I'm not sorry it's gone.  Just because I was so happy to see you today, I was busy.  What did I do, you ask?  Well, let me see....

I fed some animals.

                                                        I finished another birdhouse.

I drank some coffee:
Disclaimer: not my real coffee cup

I ordered some seeds.
First, some from here: http://rareseeds.com/
Then, some from here:  https://www.superseeds.com/

I ordered some strawberries, asparagus, and onions from here:

Then I did some consulting work to pay for all the aforementioned seeds and plants.  Whew.  Thank goodness Jeff has connections!

I read a book:

I gathered some eggs:

I reluctantly snowblowed (snowblew?) the driveway AGAIN:

I had more coffee:
Still not my cup

I fed the animals again:

I decided that our house would look very good thatched, like a cottage:
(But that ain't gonna happen)

Went back inside and sewed a little:
pain in the arse
And learned VERY quickly why people don't make this pattern anymore, and if they do, why they use this:  http://quiltsmart.com/khxc/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=classic_applecore
to do it. 
But see, I spent all my money on seeds, so no printed interfacing for me. So sad.

And that's it.  I will now head back upstairs and feed more animals (cats), drink more coffee (why not), and figure out what to do about dinner (I'm thinking eggs and biscuits).  

What did you do today? 

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