Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Universe Sent Me Blue jays

Yesterday, as I was going to my other job, SaraCat decided to give birth. 

She followed me around the yard while I did my chores, alternately meowing and purring.  When I stood up to go get more feed, she ran back to the garage-barn and laid in a weird spot.  I watched and saw a contraction.  I brought her inside.

Many whiles later, she gave birth to the first.  I assisted (head was stuck), but had to leave for work, as I was already late.  My husband really stepped up to the plate and helped deliver the other 4.

He was a trooper.  For a man who's thing is computers and not farming, he really did a heck of a job.

I am impressed and grateful.

Of course, I wonder why SaraCat couldn't have popped out these kids on Monday, when I had nowhere to be.
But that's life. 

On Sunday, my husband and I were talking about the many birds we've been seeing this year in our yard.  We have a barn swallow in a nest above one of our garage doors, and we were talking about all the different types of birds.  But we both said we never see Blue jays.  I like Blue jays--they're rambunctious and noisy and they were always around on Long Island, but in all the years we've lived up here, I've never seen a one.

And this morning, in the rain, there were 9.  My son saw them first and said "There are Blue jays in the yard".  And there were.  I couldn't get a picture, as they flew away before I reached the camera, but they were here.  In some small way, and for some reason, the universe sent them to us.  Isn't it funny how things like that happen?

Makes you wonder.
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  1. Congratulations!!

    I don't think I know about your other job - what is it?

  2. Congrats on the new babes - and good job to your hubby :)

    And yay blue jays! We bought our place last year, and when we were doing the inspections in July there were these 'shiny, blue' birds nesting in the feeder/birdhouse just outside our front window. When we got the keys July 5th, they were nowhere to be seen, and I've been anxiously hoping they come back ever since. I was in luck - they returned May 2nd! I quickly got out my bird guides, and discovered that they are tree swallows (due back in our parts May 1st - good job on the dates, birdies!), and they're actually more green than blue. I got some great pictures last weekend - I just have to post them. So yay birds! That's the best part of spring :)



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