Monday, May 6, 2013

My Backyard is Magical

There are definite perks to living in the woods.

I used to say that fall was my favorite time of year, followed closely by spring.  But I'm beginning to think it's the other way around.

Though, in the fall, this place is something to see.

But then again, it's really something now, too.

And this is why we'd never clear the land.  Not ever.   Can you imagine? 

Ick.  It's just completely beautiful this way.

Lucky chickens.  Because they are now in all the time, I added to their run yesterday.  It went straight back into the woods.  I envy their view and their shady beauty.

Because my children don't play on the lawn, and instead play in the woods, I have started to make little houses for them to find.

This is the first, and it's made on a stump out of scraps.  They found it very quickly, because it's next to the driveway, but I'm looking forward to adding more in other places.  I think it just makes things a little more special.

Enjoy the beauty around you today!

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  1. Fairy houses in the woods!! I love it - now I want one (or 6) too! You are an unending inspiration :)


  2. It's beautiful! I so much miss living in the woods. We do have woods, but mostly we live in our cleared areas with include neighbors and a road.


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