Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh, Ladybug!!!

I've got a million things to show you all, but I didn't want to not show you the office/sewing room makeover I told you about.  I am pleased to say, most of all, that I really like this room now.  I have hated this room for years--all three that we've lived here.  It was white (ick), tiny, and unbelievably cluttered.  It's still tiny, but it's no longer white.  You ready?

Ta dAAAA!!!

The bottom picture is a better representation, but is that a COLOR, or is that a COLOR??


It's called "Ladybug", and when it was made at the store, the paint guy said it kinda crawls out of the can.  HA!

It's ok with me. I really like it.  I took my inspiration from my bulletin board, here:

Under all that goosh is a fabric with flowers on it, see it at the top there?.  Some of the flowers are a bright pink, which I took to be the wall color.  You know what?  I have painted this entire house the colors I like, but with others in mind.  I love the blues, the yellows (especially) and the greens.  But this room is MY room.  I work here constantly, and no one else uses it.  So I did it for me.  I wanted pep, so I made it peppy.

And I love it.

After it was painted, I decided to get all wild and just put stuff together that I liked but made no sense, since it didn't have to make any sense to anyone but me.  So I put up an asymmetrical curtain from some fabric I had laying around,

And hung a banner made from some yarn and vintage handkerchiefs, like this:
This one is my favorite!

Eventually I'll find some fabric in my stash and cover the ugly computer chair, and then I'll probably make some things for the walls, but I'm happy with it the way it is just now.  It certainly gets my creative juices flowing because it's a peppy room, full of stuff that makes me happy, and now I like being in here.

And that's a huge step in the right direction.

But in case you're wondering if I've totally lost my mind, I haven't.  I have a history of making rooms for myself a little wild.  I present to you exhibit A, my last sewing room from the last house we lived in, the room that still gives my father-- the artist, mind you-- "nightmares".


In context, this new room is much more sedate, don't you think?

Today we build the house for Stewart and Maxwell, so they can move out on their own shortly, as babies are due here on the 4th.  On top of that, lots of things have been happening, so stay tuned!

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  1. love, love, love it! I'm working on my sewing room and painted one wall a lovely, pale aqua....yep, JUST.FOR.ME! Every woman should have a "room of one's own" you know. Congrats on the transformation.

  2. I love your new room! And, I think the last sewing room was awesome. Maybe I should be thinking if what room I can do that to??

  3. WOW! That is absolutely fantastic! Did you miss your calling as an interior decorator?

  4. Ha! I love it! So bright and inspiring! I'm so glad to hear that you can now love your room!!!

  5. Oh what fun! Good job. You really let loose.


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