Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Watch 2013

Time for some belly shots and some awards!

Da na nana na na DA!!!

First up, we have Lilly. 

Lilly, due June 22nd, is receiving the "Totally Hiding It" award.  This picture, taken March 2nd, shows a tiny belly, which is pretty much what Lilly is showing today.
March 2nd
No folks, she's not letting on any secrets here!  However, her udder is enlarging, and there are other signs, so Lilly is definitely with child.  She just doesn't want to brag about it!
Next up, Minerva!
March 2nd
Back in March, we could see it, but it wasn't too obvious.  But now:
Hello babies!!!  Sometimes it looks like they're standing up in there, I swear.  But that's not the most exciting part, folks.  The most exciting part is this:
Try and look past the hair
Hello udder development!!!  She has a month to go, and her udder is very large already, especially for a first freshner!  I have high hopes that she will be an ace milker, but only time will tell.  
For her good work on the baby front, we give Minerva the "Ace Baby Maker" award AND the "Ace Udder Maker" award!  Congratulations, Minerva!
Next up, in the "Is She, or Isn't She?" category is Cleo!
If you remember, Cleo seemed to have a miscarriage back in mid-March.  However, she's seeming to pop all of a sudden, and her udder seems to be developing. 
Little round belly
     As she's not a dairy goat, I'm having a hard time determining what her shape "should" be.  Her belly is very round (moreso than I remember it), and she's got a little pregnancy "pooch".  I can't tell.  Is it possible she miscarried one and not the other?  Am I just crazy?  Only time will tell here, I think.  But for keeping me on my toes, Cleo gets the "Maybe, Baby" award!

And now to bring it down a little.  In the category of "Pbbbbbbllllttt", we have Dulcinea.

Dulcinea looked pregnant.  Dulcinea's udder seemed to be developing.  Dulcinea's "plug" seemed to fall out.  But with Dulcinea due in 2 weeks, I can clearly state she is not pregnant.  Shame, shame.  About 3 weeks ago, Dulci's shape changed; she thinned out, her teats shrank.  She gives all signs of not being pregnant at this point, and that's what I think is going on.  I don't know what happened, but there doesn't seem to be a Dulci baby coming any time soon.  So for that, Dulci gets the "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" Award.  I'd also like to give her a secondary award, "What the Hell is Up with Your Color?", because she's supposed to be a BLACK goat, and her color is completely crap lately (I think the flash washed her out a little bit here, though.  She's not THAT bad.  But she's not THAT good, either).  Yes, I sneak in minerals in her feed.  Yes, I forced copper down her throat.  Still she's browning out.  That girl is going to drive me to drink, yes she is.

Next up, we have the "Would you Please Just Pop Already?" category.  In it is SaraCat:

SarahCat has a whole bundle o' babies in there, but she's not wanting them to come out.  Ever.

Ok, I lie.  We have no idea when the babies were made, so we have no idea when she's due.  We're thinking soon.  We're getting impatient. We want kittens!!!  (ahem)  SarahCat is therefore presented the "Get On With It" award.  I can only hope it will be soon.

And last, but definitely not least, we have the "Alternative Birth" award to give to Louise!


Louise is technically not the mama of her baby.  In fact, she hatched an egg that I found in my pocket and gave to her, only because I felt bad that she was broody in an empty nest.  Louise stuck with it, and hatched this little black baby out of a green egg.  Interesting genetics going on there. 

Louise is an EXCELLENT mother, and is very attentive to her child.  Congratulations, Louise!

And that's it for today, folks!  Tune in next time to see what develops!
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  1. I enjoyed this post and the look-see at some of your friends. It will be so fun to see the babies!! You are going to be busier than busy!

  2. Have you heard of using Replamin Plus Gel for your goats? A lot of people are using it instead of loose minerals/boluses. It's supposed to work great! Mine should be coming today...maybe I can get my Alpine back to her original color!

  3. Michaele--Busy is right! I have loved looking at all your babies, I'm so glad you shared!

    Monica--Thank you for that! I looked into it, and I'm going to try it, too. Anything to get her color back up/health back up would be great. It's been a losing battle with Dulci.

  4. Jocelyn, do goats have false pregnancies like dogs do, showing signs but only because their brain is tricking the body?

  5. Donna--Yes, they can have false pregnancies, and from what I've read, they are fairly common. Dulci hasn't done what many of the fakes have done--which is to say, let go of a lot of fluid--but it is possible I missed it if it happened at night. All I can say is that she looked pregnant for a long time, and then one morning, she didn't. Yes, I would call it a false one of sorts.


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