Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The One That Hatched

As you might remember, I put 4 eggs in the incubator to test it and see if it would work for the class, before we put the class' eggs in.  Two were yolkers, and two seemed to be developing nicely.  Out of the two, only one hatched.  The one that did not stopped moving a few days before the "due date" and didn't move again.  I figured it might have died, so when the due date came and went (and there was no movement from the chick inside), I cracked it open to take a look, since I wanted to see what went wrong.  It looks like the chick died at some point during the absorbing the yolk phase.  It was never absorbed and it's belly never closed and it died.

Sad, but these things happen, right?  The one who did make it was doing splendidly.  After an explosive birth (nearly), he/she was off and running.

Near as I can tell, she/he is a cross between Hoppy, a Welsummer, and Beethoven, an Ameraucana. She's a mutt chicken!  We call her a she, just because she seems like a she.  You watch, she'll be a he.  We call her Persnickety, because she's a feisty little thing.

Here she is, hanging out with the two older Welsummer chicks I traded Ferdi for. 

They spent a little time outside yesterday (behind bars), getting used to the sun and grass.  Needless to say, they were somewhat flummoxed.

Persnickety is a cutie patootie.  Funny and fresh as all get out.  Lots of spunk, too. 

She's doing well.  The other two are as well.  As for the classroom project?  It seems to be going well, too.  The kids are more than happy to update me on what's been going on every time I see them. Tomorrow is the day of the first candling, when we'll really see what's going on.  Stay tuned!
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