Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Never Gets Old

When I got up this morning, I checked the incubator to see if anything was happening--our test batch is due to hatch tomorrow, and I SWEAR I've been hearing peeping coming from the incubator, though, of course, I'm the only one who hears it.  One of the eggs had been completely cracked around the top and was rolling back and forth.  Of course, I got so excited (you know because I've never seen this before *sarcasm*) I yelled like an idiot and woke everyone in the house up. 

As I sat there for the whole minute, the top opened, closed, opened, and then boom!  a chick flew out.  It was an explosive hatch. 

Here are some crappy pictures I took through the incubator window of the new addition to the farm

Currently she/he is trying to get his/her legs to work and complaining loudly that they don't.  All that in between naps.  It's a tough life already.

Look at that.  New life started in the kitchen.  It never gets old.

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  1. Must be a strong little chick. Whenever we hatched, as hard as I tried not to, I always helped them out. Yea for new life : )


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