Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Green Behind the Scenes

I know, all I talk about is the animals.  But that's not all that goes on around here, obviously.  There's plenty behind the scenes I don't talk about, like what's been planted.  So today, since I spent about 2 1/2 hours planting tomatoes and peppers and celery and eggplant and so on, I thought I'd do an "ode to green".  This is what you don't normally see; the work that goes on without a camera.  But here it is:  what's growing now.

Little broccoli.  Broccolettes?  One of several flats downstairs under the lights.

More little green guys.

Ah, outside.  The chives.

Garlic.  One of 125 in the ground.  It looks like they did well over the winter.


Irises!  Now that there's a fence up that the geese can't breech, they can actually grow.  Who'd have thought?

Sedum.  Ditto on the goose thing.

Roses.  Ditto again on the geese.  They can be so destructive!

Peach tree.  This one is always an eager beaver.

And finally, this one's legs:

 Also green.

I guess we won't have to ask "who's your daddy".  It's pretty obvious:


So Persnickety is a Welsummer/Ameraucana cross.  That should be interesting.

Nope, I couldn't get through a post without an animal picture.  :)
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  1. Oh I just loved seeing what's up with you : )
    You are ahead of me.

  2. That chick is beautiful! Great blog - we're doing lots of the same things!


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