Monday, March 26, 2012

The Class Chicks Hatch

Today was a busy day.  The first of the class chicks hatched.  Last week, I went back and re-candled the eggs.  Out of the 11, 9 eggs were good.  One egg had died in the meantime, and the other I could finally see enough to see that there was no one home, or that it had died early (it was a dark egg).  Five of the 9 left to hatch were our "home brewed" guys.  Four were the bought eggs.

It goes to figure that the home brewed would be the healthiest, right?  Yep, they were the ones that hatched first.

The red-brown one was first, apparently making its way out overnight.  The teacher found it this morning, peeping its head off.  The white one was second, and came along during recess.  There was also another hatch later in the afternoon, which was completely wet at this point.

This chick is perfectly fine, just still curled up in an egg shape.  This is the third hatch, and yep, another "mutt".  Seems our chickens here at Chicken Scratch are very healthy and reproductive-ey.  Is that even a word?  No, but I like it anyway!

When we left the classroom, one more of the home brewed eggs was rocking and rolling.  No pip yet, though.  I expect that one to hatch tomorrow, hopefully early on.  That will leave one more of the home-grown eggs, three Wyandottes, and one Ameraucana to hatch.  I will keep you updated! 

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  1. That is some good luck there. They are marked really nice. Bet the kids are excited : )

  2. I'm so glad it went so well. So good for the kids. Nice to know how healthy your homegrowns are.


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