Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Man Out

In the summer, we simply have whole BATCHES of these guys flying around overhead.  We can sit on the deck and watch them go over our heads like air-traffic controllers.  By this time, though, not so much.  This is the last one I've seen around.  The cats caught him, and I got him away from them, only to have them catch him again.  I couldn't find him after that, so I thought they ate him, but then I saw him a few minutes later, flying right past me.  Guess he got away himself.

He is one cool customer, all right.
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  1. This past summer was the first I've ever experienced this. I was out mowing the pasture grass close to sunset and looked up to see a swarm of drangonflies overhead. It was amazing, I think the lawnmower scared them out of the tall grass. I only wished I had a camera, it was quite something to see.


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