Friday, June 14, 2013

Some News

Well, I said I was hoping to give you "some news" soon, and look at that!  Here it is. 

It turns out the vet didn't mess up.  Instead, the wrong vet answered the question about the tests, and answered it wrong because she thought that I was someone else.  Yeay.  The right vet called me last night.  She did hurry the test and the results are in:  Mastitis caused by staph (mastitis is caused by staph or strep, by the way.  They both stink, but that's what causes the disease).  Oh, yeay!  Should I be cheering for that?  Yes, I should, because that can be treated. 

Anyway, today I am heading there in the morning to pick up the heavy duty meds she has prescribed.  If the meds work, as I am hoping, the doctor says that Minerva's milk production should increase and the hardness should go down.  So there it is.  I'm crossing my fingers for this to work. 

In other news, she milked an entire 2 cups this morning (no, I don't weigh it.  It's such a small amount, it's not worth it).  I know it's laughable, but that's a record for her so far.  In the morning especially, she gives me a cup, a cup and a third at most.  So two is some progress.  Because of that, I have hopes that the meds will work and Minerva will be the producer I really believe she can be.  It seems as though the penicillin did help a little, and since it decreased the swelling a little, she's been producing a little more.  I only hope mega-biotics will "open the dam" and milk will flow.

Stay tuned!  Hey, maybe next time I'll talk about something else!  I can tell you it would sure be nice to think about something else!

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  1. Yahoo for "treatable"....we are battling a parasite infection in one of ours and have chosen to stop milking her (even though she produces about 2 quarts a day).

    I wanted to thank you for something you said in your last post that put things into perspective for distinguished between a "homestead" and a "farm"...I was struggling with a big wormy dilemma, but you said just what I needed to hear. Ruby-Roo can live here forever, EVEN if she doesn't produce milk, or babies or whatnot because it stresses her system too much and leads to infestations of to get her healthy again!

    Pretty soon you will have more milk than you know what to do with!

  2. Oh man! Best of luck with this, hope it clears up quickly, not a fun thing to deal with. Neither is the mess up at the Vet clinic.


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