Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jewelry Box Chickens

After we moved the little red coop to the "front yard", I built a little enclosure for the chickens who would live there--my jewelry box chickens.  You know, the fancy ones who don't do much, but look really pretty?  As it was, I had in there three Silkies--a paint rooster named Cassio, a white named Louise, and a partridge named Thelma. 

And of course, they are totally cool.  Fancy-schmancy and really pretty to boot.

How could you NOT love a face like that??

Cassio's fancy schmancy colors

Then I caught the little white Sultan who had been living with the big chickens and put her in with them, because she was always getting kind of trampled by everyone else, and I thought she might like to live with chickens who were more of her size.  And she does, and they get along great, and I figured "Hey, that's nice.  The Little Red Coopette has inhabitants, and they live nicely together and they are small and pretty and fancy schmancy, and I can look at them and it's all good."

But I like chickens, you know?

And fancy ones are cool.  And they don't eat much, and I like to look at them, so I thought "Hey, you know what would be really cool?  Adding some MORE fancy chickens!".

Because I like chickens.

So I read through Craig's List, and lo and behold a nice man in the next county was selling Old English Game Bantams.  And he had Crele.  And I like Crele.

And I like chickens.

So I drove to the next county, thinking, "Won't that be nice to have a couple more small chickens who are fancy schmancy to live in the little coop and be all pretty and small and all that?"

But I didn't realize how small bantams were, because see, I have only had Silkies, who are small, but not THAT small.  And bantams....well, they are small.

Really small.

Like pigeon size small.

But they are really cool.

Luckily, Cassio, who owns the place, is a gentle guy, so he really doesn't care at all that they are there.

Though it may help a little that he seems to think that the little roo is a girl. 

In any case, they moved on in with hardly a glitch, and so I present to you Lancelot and Guinevere, the Crele Old English Game Bantams.

Front to back: Guinevere, Lancelot, Cassio, and the Sultan hen who is not named, but I swear she looks like my grandmother.

Which means they are small.  Really, really small.

But that doesn't matter, because I like chickens.  Small and all.

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  1. ha ha ha!
    so funny. I like chickens too. What a neat idea to have them in the front. Maybe a small coop up front would be a nice things. Because, well, I like chickens... the names too Lancelot and Guinevere! My chickies get named after Old time move actors or characters...because well, they just do.



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