Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Bad Hair Bunnies

You might remember that less than two weeks ago, the little bunnies looked like this:

They were smallerish and managableish, and they lived in an old cat litter box, because we give only the best here. 

Not anymore.

They have a case of "bad hair", because it sticks out all over the place.  Which is adorable, of course.

They also refuse to stay in one spot, and have had to move to a cage instead of their snazzy litterbox, because they wouldn't stay put.

They enjoy perching.

And leaving tiny pellets all over the house, which prompted my daughter to make a "diaper" for them, of sorts.

Note the extra room in the rear for "pellet storage". 
No, they did not like them. But my daughter got a kick out of them.

Personally, I think they look like fireflies with them on.  Festive fireflies.

The one thing that has not changed?  They still love mealtime.

They are good little bunnies, and sweet as can be.

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  1. Now those are some cute bunnies...and I love their diapers.
    This is great!
    So refresh me... you raise these for their wool?
    or just for pets?


  2. Oh my goodness, the little diapers are so cute, but so impractical for bunnies and their "pellets". What cute pictures!

  3. Pat--They are for wool. These guys are extra tame because mama rejected them and they're being raised by us. But they will go outside when they are grown to join the other wooly bunnies in their houses.

    Mary Ann--The diapers are completely a no-go. When they get them on, they freeze like they are paralyzed. And they don't control the pellets. They are really funny, though.

  4. Seriously laughing out loud...

  5. I love how our kids pick up on our "make do" attitude and put their own spin on it. Keep perfecting that little diaper. It could be the next big thing!

  6. Had to link back here from my facebook page. :)

  7. Absolutely too cute. Love the diaper idea.

  8. So proud of what you have done with them. The pellet pouch is cute too. Yes - they do look like fireflies.


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