Monday, February 4, 2013

He Gave His All

Never let it be said that Philip Johnny Bob doesn't give 110%.

Because he does.

He really does.

It's rooing time at Chicken Scratch, and for those of you not in the know, and wondering why the heck I'd do it when it's this cold, lemme 'splain:  The hair is shed when it's shed.  Though it may look like it's attached, it's not, and if I leave it alone, it will catch on everything, leaving big gobs of it everywhere, which the rabbits will eat and then die from, as they'll get wool block.  As it is, I have left it on too long because it is cold, and there were starting to be gobs on the cages.  Since that's dangerous, it was time.  Past time.

Buckley was rooed, Daphne was rooed the day before she gave birth, and PJB was done today.  Like his mama before him, he gives it all.  Some of them do.  But fear not, my friends.  I would never put him back outside in the cold in his pink skin. 

He got a sweater.

In this case a turtleneck, made out of an old sweater sleeve.

I think the color suits him.

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  1. weren't kidding about giving it all...poor baby! Lol...yes, the color suits him very well!

  2. Bunny sweater!! PJB is lookin' pretty handsome, I must admit :)

  3. He looks embarrassed!! (AND cold!)


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