Friday, February 22, 2013

Nine, Three, Five, One

Nine is the number of kits that Camille, our Satin Angora, gave birth to last night.


Nine is the number of little bodies I pulled out of her cage this morning.  She chose to have the babies everywhere but in her nest, and they all froze to death. 

It is a huge loss.

Three is the number of bunny babies that awaited me when I was done with my chores for their feeding.  Three is the number of babies that Daphne didn't want, and the number of babies who live in the house and are cared for by me.

Three is the number of little bunny babies who climb up into my lap without a moment's pause.  Who will curl into the crook of an arm to sleep.  Who fight over who gets to drink from the syringe first, even though they eat nibbles all day long from the pellet tray.

They are a joy.  We have named them Collette, who is a Black Tort, just like Daddy.  Roy, who is just black, and Pickle, who is black as well.  Pickle is the super special one--the one who will follow me anywhere, the first to jump into my lap or hand just to say "hi".  She is currently perched on my arm as I type.  We are together often.

The three help me feel better about the nine.

Five is the number of goat kids I got to snuzzle today when I went to help a new friend out with her goats.  Two of the littles were only a week old.  I had forgotten how small babies can be, especially after looking at my 115 pound "babies" all the time. 

One was the number of baby goats who sucked on my finger for a while and fell asleep, like she'd just eaten a good meal.  We had never met, but she trusted me implicitly.

The one made me feel better about everything.

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  1. Oh man...I'm so sorry to hear about those little kits! I'm glad you're still able to look on the bright side and find some joy among the sadness. Keep your head up...Nature has it's way and sometimes we just have to trust it, even when we don't understand it.

  2. So sorry about the 9. I have experienced that myself. So many other good things going on. Glad you could take comfort in it.

  3. Sorry about the kits I can certainly relate. How exciting about the baby goats however.

  4. sorry to hear this.
    Things like that happen and we don't understand it? Weird.

    love that you have such a sweet nurturing relationship with the 3 baby bunnies, especially "Pickle" (who is nurturing whom?)

    I bet the goats are sweet.

  5. Sorry for your loss.
    But I'm glad you have the three to love and tend! And the 5 to snuggle with and the 1 who fell asleep sucking your finger.
    Here is to a better week for you!

  6. Oh I just popped over from Lone Pine Farm and read your post I am so sorry about your angoras.
    I do love that you find lots of love and comfort from other places. Take care. B

  7. Funny thing about raising rabbits in the house... they develop superior personalities! Would love to see pictures of them. I'm going to try really hard to get going with angoras again (I had 5 Himalayan's once, and a pure white one white blue eyes once, but only for 2 days...). The babies are cuter than anything and as sweet as can be, but when older get even more fun! One rabbit named Rugburn, would jump onto the kitchen counter to steal pancakes. He'd wait until you weren't looking. He got caught once and jumped clear across the room and ran under a bed with that pancake. How could you even be mad - it's not like you can punish a rabbit either! LOL
    Good luck with these littles, aw what am I saying - it's all perfect now!

  8. Bee Girl--It's just a part of life, I know. It was too bad. Next time I know better.

    Michaele-Thanks very much. Rabbits are funny like that. They either excel, or crash and burn as mamas.

    Peggy--Yes, I do like the goaties!!

    Pat--Pickle nurtures me, and I nurture her. It's a two way street, definitely.

    Sweetland--The three are the best, it's true. What a bunch of nutters!

    Buttons--Thank you for saying that. We continue on. Camille will have to try again, but I'll be watching much more closely.

    Illoura--Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!!! They are quite the little pips, that's the truth. Pickle has the makings of a house bunny, I just have to convince my husband. I know she'd be the one on everyone's laps all the time.


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