Friday, March 8, 2013

This Looks Familiar.....

There is this:


I swear, two days ago birds were singing, the sky was blue, and it was warm out (40ish).  And today, we step backwards.  Ugh.

But, though that's too familiar right now, other things are happening that are also the same.



Eggs in the incubator. 

What's cooking, you ask?
Cream Legbars
Hen, pic from Greenfire Farms

My mom saw this breed somewhere, and wanted one in the worst way.  Greenfire Farms has them, but they want $60 for a female chick.  Ouch.  A while later, I stumbed across a listing on Craig's List for Muddy Hoof Farm, which raises heritage and rare breed poultry.  I figured "What the hell", and since I liked the name of the farm, I took a look.  Bingo!  I highly recommend them.  The eggs were wrapped beautifully, and the owner had emailed me several times to let me know the status of the laying hens and to answer my questions.  It has definitely been a very positive experience so far.

Roo, pic also from Greenfire

Anyway,  the blue eggs in the incubator are the Cream Legbars.  The brown eggs, however, belong to these:

Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons. 

Them's make my wittle heart go pitter pat.  They is SO pretty!


Muddy Hoof had those, and I had never seen them before.  But oh!  What a color!  And I like chickens.  So there are 6 of those in the incubator as well.

And we shall see what happens.  The incubator is in the living room, happily warming away.  Doesn't everyone keep their incubator in the living room????  It used to be in the kitchen, so I think it's a step up.  Maybe all the family noises will make them want to come out and join us.  You never know. 

And I have one more, totally unrelated picture for you.

This is Pickle, who is getting big, as they all are. 

Pickle is sleeping.

Pickle is sleeping upside down on my daughter's lap. 

Pickle is a unique individual. 

I thought you'd enjoy that.

I hope you all have a great day, and if you got whomped by the snow like we did, that you have a good book to read. 


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  1. It was snowing like heck here this morning, but then the sun broke out and it turned into a beautiful day. Good luck on the new chicks, I really like the Orpingtons!

  2. CREAM LEGBARS!!! Did you know you can tell instantly if they are male or female? (without looking at their personal parts??) Ha! betcha didn't
    Only 20 days to go.


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