Sunday, November 4, 2012

Now For Some Fun

Goat Coats


Is your goat cold??

Is it going to be 20-some odd degrees tonight?

Or is your goat just a glamor puss?

We've got your solution! 

Goat Coats!

Fresh from the runway in Milan!  All the rage with the hippy chic-woowoo set.

Goat Coats!

These high-end couture garments are made from the finest left over fleece that money bought 8 years ago when your son was a baby.

So genuine, they smell like basement.  That's vintage!!!

The trick of the design is that they look like a blanket with a hole cut out for the head.  But there's so much more to them!   There's a tie which helps hold the coat on!

Not to mention, adds a bit of fashionable "snap" to the ensemb.

The chic!

Don't believe us?  Please listen to what our celebrity endorser has to say.

"Hello there.  I'm David Bowie.  You may remember me from such films as that one where I played a troll king or an ogre king or a fairy king or whatever it was.  Possibly there were muppets in it too.  Anyway, I was glamorous then, and I'm glamorous now."
"So I can tell you, Goat Coats are where it's at.  Don't believe me?  You have to!  After all, how many hit songs did YOU have in the 1980's?"
"Goat Coats.  Something to crow about.  Get yours now and get glam!"

Thanks, Mr. Bowie.

Well, I think that settles it.  Call now.  Remember, your goat WANTS to look beautiful.  Your goat WANTS to be warm.  And your goat knows more about fashion than you do.

Goat Coats!

Good for play, lounging, and stuffing your face in your feed trough.

Goat Coats. 
 Glamour on the hoof.(TM)

Order yours today!!!!!
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  1. giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle....

  2. Cute ... *ahem* ... glamourous! I'd definitely order some if I had goats! Because if I had goats, they'd want to be this stylish too :)

    Thanks for the morning chuckle (and the great idea to keep in mind for when I do have goats)!

  3. LOL, just love it and also the ad help from the rooster!

  4. I love your posts, they make me giggle! Especially love the celebrity endorsement. So if goat coats are in, are the chicken saddles out?
    BTW, love the pic of your bunny in the heading! So cute! I need to convince the hubby to add angora bunnies to the homestead!

  5. I love your goat coats!!!! They look like they would be nice and warm!
    And I love the top hat rooster, I would love it more if it were a hen at my house! I really want some maybe I can convince my husband!


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