Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How Jocelyn Got Her Groove Back

Her crafting groove, that is.

And maybe I got it back.  I feel like I may have, anyway.

To tell the story, I have to take you back 20 + years and show you a picture of a younger me.  You ready??

Not sure which one is me?  That's fair, since you've only seen one picture.  Here I am:

This was a long time ago.  Long, long long.  I was so young.  So, so young.  My two friends (who will remain anonymous so I don't get beat up) and I used to do the craft fair that was held in the middle school of our school district.  We made things like clothespin angels, cross stitch pictures, and painted ornaments.  Apparently we also made t-shirts to go with our table, but my memory's crap, so I only know that from looking at the picture.  I do remember it was a lot of red and green, and there was a heinous overuse of those ribbon roses from the craft store, but that's about all I can tell you.  However, funny enough, I still have things left over from those craft fairs.  Things that didn't sell, or that I liked so much I hid.  Every year they go on the tree and every year I think, I was so young.  So, so young.

Anywho, that's not the point.  Back in those days, I loved to craft.  I did anything and everything--those corn husk dolls that were made out of that horrid untwistable twisted paper, stenciling pretty much anything that didn't move, cross stitch on Aida cloth, clothespin stuff, painted wood, things with pine cones and pompoms, and one year I painted an entire plaster village for my mom for Christmas.  That was fun, and I can still remember sitting at the table in the kitchen, just painting away. 

But as I got older, I didn't do that anymore.  There were other things to do.  I turned from crafting to decorating my room, then later, decorating my house.  And there was lots of renovation.  I still cross stitch (on linen--the Aida has gone the way of the dodo), and crochet and embroider and stuff, but sitting down to make things really didn't happen.

So when I decided to do this craft fair on Saturday, I made soap and baskets and other nice things.  But then I went to Michael's for something and got inspired.  So I crafted again.  Along with the soaps and baskets and lovely things at this fair this year, there will also be:


 Crocheted snowmen

It's like a little snowman mugshot, isn't it?

"We didn't do it, we have an alibi!"

"We want our lawyer"
Felt trees that are jingle bells:

Salt shakers that are snow globe ornaments:

Another mug shot picture.  Ok, which one of you is the pepper?
"Not me, I swear!"
I thought those were pretty clever, I have to admit. 
And then, because I got on this snow globe kick, I had an "inspiration burp", and made a larger version:
Some traditional,

And some not so traditional.

Ooooh! Terrible picture!  Yeay!
I love the front detail on this one

So along with the soaps, I have some crafts that I think are really lovely.  What will anyone else think?  I guess I'll find out on Saturday. 

So did I get my crafting groove back?  Maybe.  You tell me, but it was very therapeutic.  I didn't enjoy the HUGE mess on my table for days and days, but I did enjoy creating again.  It was a nice break.

Sometimes it's nice to go back to our "roots", isn't it?  It was good to go back and find something I thought I'd lost.

And I didn't use a single ribbon rose. 


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  1. You truely are super woman - I mean "crafter"! Where DO you find the time? I love the snowmen and want to come to your craft fair! Let me see if I can get someone to take over my booth at our big craft fair this weekend and I will hop on a plane.
    Seriously - you are extremely talented!

  2. I need to get my crafting groove back for sure.
    Love the little snowmen! ...have fun with it and great success. Pat

  3. Love the photo of those young smiling faces! Looks like your crafting butterfly came out of it's cocoon! Everything is so sweet and wonderful! Hope you sell it all!

  4. Stay in that groove! Good luck on your sales!

  5. You did get your crafting grove back! nice pic btw!
    Love the snowmen. My grand mother made me some big ones like that! You sure are crafty too. Hope you do well at the craft fair! I liked the idea of the canning jar as the upside down ornament too!

  6. Love the non-traditional tree snow globe...lovely really. Us folks down in TX decorate with snowy crap because we never see the real stuff. Seriously, if we decorated based on our winter...it would be brown and gray and bleck.....so I love me some "snow" decor.

  7. Very pretty!! I really like the larger 'snow globes' and your little snowmen suspect lineup :) You are super talented!

    Every now and again (about every two months) I get the itch to spend the day in my craft room. And I just don't feel right until I get in there and at least try to create something that is more 'form' and less 'function' (because I seem to do quite a bit of 'function' creating). And once I try, all is right with the world, and I can go back to building stuff with a purpose, and not wanting to wrap it in wire or sew something to it :)


  8. Thank you very much! I just make what I like, so if nothing sells, I'll love to have it for myself!

    Thank you all for the kind words and the good wishes. I truly appreciate all of them!


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