Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snippets on a Sunday

Busy, busy busy!  I've sat down to post half a hundred times, only to think twice about it, since I had something else I should have been doing.  UGH!  Here's the lowdown on what's been doin':
  1. Weeding.  And weeding.  And weeding.  Oh, and mulching, too.  I am determined not to have the same weed fiasco that I had last year, and I won't give in.  As a result, I am happy to say that things are really coming along in the gardens.  Yep, I will post pictures, I promise.
  2. Building again.  I never seem to avoid it, do I?  This time, it's a new duck house, since the duck population exploded this year (thanks Ginger and Maybelle).  It's gotten too tight in the old house, so a new house is being put together.  I do love building, so I'm super excited about this.
  3. Oh, and building some more.  The Goaty Girls are seemingly going sort of stir crazy in their pen, so I decided to give them something to do.  I built a balance beam for them, and am working on a platform made from old pallets for them to climb on. 
  4. Planning the new feeding system for the Goaty Girls.  I'd like to get the bowls up off the floor and make them stations to eat at.  I'm formulating it in my head, and once I do, I'll put it somewhere official, like on a napkin.  Then I'll build it.  Oh, yeay!
  5. The second batch of meat chicks are nearing 3 weeks, and about to go outside.  I don't doubt that this will come as a blow to the other chickens and turkeys in the brooder area, as they all enjoy visiting one another all day long.  Half the time I go in there, and there are turkeys flying over my head, and chickens fleeing before me.  No--no one stays in their box.  It's a free for all all day long.
  6. Speaking of turkeys, we lost one this week.  There were 6, two of which were broad breasted whites.  One was always small.  This past week he/she just looked bad, with ruffled feathers and kinda mopey, so I knew it was coming.  He/she finally gave up the ghost this week.  It was sad, but not unexpected, as I CANNOT keep the chickens and turkeys apart to save my life.  Luckily, the other 5 look good.  The one white is HUGE, and the 4 Naragansetts seem to be happy and healthy.
  7.  Dixie has gone to her new home, leaving just Milo and Thor here.  They don't seem to notice her absence and have been doing their normal kitteny things.  Their mama, Ellie, is healing very nicely from her spay and should be ready to go back outside full time soon.  Won't that be a surprise to her??
  8. Milo and Thor seem to have gotten the hang of the litter box at last, making me think I can put the curtains back up in the living room.  Maybe, baby.
  9. It rains here.  Every day.  Everydangday.  It's getting old, and it's been hard to get really into projects when I have to stop for rain all the time.  I've pretty much resigned myself to getting wet when I work, that way I don't have to stop.  But it has been a challenge to stay motivated when it's grey and dull out.
  10. The ducks and geese are molting, making it look like someone was attacked all over the yard.  Pretty!
  11. The class chicks that were raised for the incubator lesson are possibly the dumbest chicks ever.  It's been 2 weeks since they were moved out of the brooder and into the coop.  Though they no longer think they live in the brooder, and don't try to get back in, they don't seem to realize that they live in the chicken house, either.  Instead, they get stuck in limbo every night and go nowhere.  Usually I find them huddled in a duck's food dish or along the path, like they have no home.  Every night I carry them to the coop.  I've never had a batch not get it like this batch isn't getting it.  The last record for figuring it out is 8 days, which they've blown past.   I'm going to start taking bets on how long it will be until they figure it out.  Anyone want to wager? 
  12. I ordered soap supplies weeks ago, and Fedex still hasn't delivered them.  It's amazing to me, how slow they are.  The last status update was that the supplies were sitting on a truck, waiting to be delivered, which was 3 days ago.  Stupid Fedex.  Anyway, my husband is almost out of soap, and I was going to make some for my family.  I thought I'd do it while it was raining, but I can't without the supplies.  I am very eager to do this.  I feel soapy creativity coming on! 
I think that might be it.  It looks like possibly the sun is coming out, so I will try to get something done before it rains later.  I will be back!  Have a great day, friends!
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  1. I just had to pop in to see what you have been up too. What I love about your blog is that you are so good at letting us know. I hope to get back to some regular blogging, but just can't afford the time. Summers are incredibly busy enough without this move on top of it. I just wanted you to know I have missed you and will continue to check in on you. Good luck with all those projects. My goats need some playground equipment too. I have little bruises on my back from where one of them jumped on my back(rather, tried to)when I was bent down playing with another one.


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